Cathal means “battle” + “ruler” (cath + val). I seek such battles and challenges and balance myself to where I am now. All great things start small, and the journey of a million miles starts with a single step.

Stoic philosophies aside welcome to my site, where I might write or post visuals on travels and life. Nothing should be taken too seriously, just enjoy.

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Life's Little Pleasures

A World Through My Eyes

I've taken up photography as a hobby and it simply tells a little story of where I've been and what I like to see.



Video and Photography are the most important forms of content to attract and capture people’s attention, I enjoy capturing people, places and feelings and I continue to grow with it. MY INSTAGRAM: CATHALMCGIV


With a Bachelors of Science in Marketing, Innovation and Technology I’ve a wide array of applicable skills and experience. From traditional marketing to creative digital solutions, the human mind is fascinating and I continue to learn.


From full eCommerce Sites to a One-Page blog. Every little aspect from domain name, security, blogging and SEO to the design and functionality you want. Specialising in WordPress and WooCommerce.
Just for Fun
February 10, 2021

cathal.ie….Why does this even exist?

A Journey To Now   I had worked for IE Domain Registry who process and manage the .ie namespace you see after the word Cathal…
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December 9, 2018

Dreamers – The Web Series

Lights, Camera, 4 Mad Delusional Idiots, Big Dreams.....Action   EPISODE 1 - I need my own space Episode 2 - I'd rather live on the…
Mexican coastal sunset AfterthoughtsFood for thoughtJust for FunMexicoMexico ExperienceTravelVideos
December 9, 2018

Mexico…last days exploring

Last week in Mexico and conclusions   Unless you really understand others, you can hardly attain your own self-understanding - Miyamoto Musashi, the book of…
Cathal McGivern

There’s no right or wrong, only balance. I advocate mindfulness and growth. As an avid non-fiction reader I enjoy having ideas and pondering on reality, authors like Aldous Huxely, Marcus Aurelius, Miyamoto Musashi, Terence McKenna and Alan Watts help me do this.

I believe that someone who travels a lot and reads a lot has seen a lot and knows a lot. So that’s what I do.

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