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cathal.ie….Why does this even exist?

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A Journey To Now


I had worked for IE Domain Registry who process and manage the .ie namespace you see after the word Cathal on the top of your screen. Taking the opportunity to seize the name was the first priority. But I had hoped for this website to evolve, using it to practice my web skills and show the world some of my talents and work.

I posted a few little blogs when I was at University about some of my first experiences and travels. I’d never left the country until I was 19 and got a passport, I’d never even been on a holiday over 2 days with my family not being ones to travel. At the time everyone I knew has seen some of the world but to start this journey on my own feel special. I would say I was lost as a teenager, even when attending University at 17, but being lost has helped me find a way.

As the song Oh La La goes “I wish that I knew what I know now, when I was younger”. In reality I’m content with how I grow and learn, I do all that makes me happy and I think true understanding of one’s self is to understand others.

This website going forward at this moment in 2021 will hopefully represent my new ideas and experiences. I hope to use it as a travel journal and a psychedelic diary of out there thoughts and beliefs. It will still hold as a CV at the front end but a way to express myself in the background.

If you’ve read down this far then your probably more patient than some (or good at skimming). So here’s a favourite quote of mine that I remind myself of to try and leave my ego behind.

If you let go of who you are, you become who you might be

– Rumi

Lao Tzu also said something along the same lines so be mindful of what you are and let go of it, but be compassionate and loving in all things. – Cathal 🙂

Cathal McGivern

Cathal McGivern

My name is Cathal McGivern. I'm a digital marketer by trade, able to design websites and promote online. I'm an aspiring photographer and videographer. I'm hungry for challenges and change...