Lights, Camera, 4 Mad Delusional Idiots, Big Dreams…..Action


EPISODE 1 – I need my own space

Episode 2 – I’d rather live on the streets






I’ve had the pleasure to work on film sets with production company OpenBin Media in the past. This project however deserves special attention (I even play a scarrryyy part). Director and DOP/Producer duo Tony Deehan and David Deehan decided to create this hilarious mockumentary style web series to appeal to Irish audiences. We all dream big, especially people with no friends and on the dole.

Touching on everything from the renting crisis in Dublin and homelessness to millennials who are too far stuck up their own hole. Actors, cast and crew all play a role and the style of the show allows more creative angles and ways to look at each character. Although I’m camera assistant, social media manager and occasional extra, its real special to see the hard work and open creativity by David and Tony to create something truly funny. Keep a sharp eye for my ‘creepy’ role in the second episode!

Check out the first episode below and do tell us what you think. Don’t forget to like, subscribe and share if you hate it especially.

Cathal McGivern

Cathal McGivern

My name is Cathal McGivern. I'm a digital marketer by trade, able to design websites and promote online. I'm an aspiring photographer and videographer. I'm hungry for challenges and change...

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