Screenshot of Henshaw's Family Butchers Website

Simple Adaptable Websites

With a handful of useful pages, any business can promote and look for their business online. Linking social media and creating a simple website with some animated elements allows for a seamless and enjoyable User Experience. A quality website can really say a lot about your business. Every element of Henshaw’s Butchers  allows for easily editable sections. A drag and drop back-end tool allows the website administrator to make edits to the style and content of the website as the business grows.


I offered some extra photography for some shots of the store and their butchers to highlight the ‘About’ section of their website. Within a couple of minutes I was able to create a personal domain email address for any professional queries ( The simple things you can get with your own domain help create professionalism over a simple gmail address when working with customers and stakeholders to give a clear point of contact in the business, in addition a .ie domain ensures consumer they are working with a local and Irish business.

Growing the Website

Future adaptions and edits can be made of the business chooses to embrace eCommerce as part of its business model in the future. Content can be further added if the website chooses to do a blog when they are ready and many other elements such as social feeds, google maps and live chat features can enable the website to be available to any customer, and making contacting them a seamlessly easy process.


If you’d like to get a website for yourself, your business or even as a fun art project, then get in touch and I can take you through the various costs and steps to running and maintaining your own website.

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